Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Restaurant Pick--The Ram!

Family Restaurant Pick!

RAM Restaurant & Brewery
I'm assuming that some of you are already in the habit of going out to eat with your families so you already know about the quintessential family spot - Red Robin! But maybe you're a little tired of the same old, same old. You just need to see a menu that doesn't have a bird on it. I understand. Enter...the RAM!

The closest locations to Edmonds are Northgate, U Village and Tulalip. Slightly inconvenient, I understand, but can you say shopping?? Their menu has a little bit of everything on it so anyone can be satisfied with their options. They even call out which items are gluten-free - bonus point for them!

Another little perk for family dining is that on Monday nights kids can order from their special menu and it only costs $1/child (for each adult entrée ordered). Great if you have a picky eater and feel like you're always wasting money when you go out. And, as a side note, the kids' side of a "fruit cup" I thought was going to literally be one of those pre-packaged numbers. Nope. At least a cup of red grapes and freshly sliced strawberries. Color me impressed. Next time I just have to make sure my daughter doesn't start with that! The RAM has some of the largest TV screens I've ever encountered in a restaurant before and a pretty substantial noise level so you won't have to worry about loud children and a little bit of craziness.

--Emily Hoornstra

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